November 28, 2018

Building a Clear and Compelling Vision for Growth, with Brett Gilliland

Episode 18: Building a Clear and Compelling Vision for Growth, with Brett Gilliland

Brett Gilliland is founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, which specializes in helping business owners who are running 7-figure businesses by giving them the knowledge, tools, and processes they need grow and scale to $10 million and beyond. He’s an expert in organization development, leadership, and strategy and spent 10 years helping Infusionsoft grow from $7 million in annual revenue to over $100 million. One of Brett’s favorite professional accomplishments is co-creating Infusionsoft’s Elite Forum alongside CEO Clate Mask and building the Elite business inside of Infusionsoft. Outside of work, Brett enjoys spending time with his wife, Sharon, and their 8 (yes, 8!) children.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Brett’s education and career journey led him to become the founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs
  • How Brett met his business partner and fellow co-founder Clate, and why their visions aligned with each other
  • Why your business purpose and values should not change, even as your company’s mission does evolve over time
  • Why there must be a separation between the founder’s purpose and the overall purpose of the business
  • Why Elite Entrepreneurs was spun out of Brett’s previous company Infusionsoft, and why they focus on small business growth
  • How Brett balanced challenges in his personal life with starting and growing a new business
  • How to best deal with self-doubt, and why putting yourself into a positive mindset is crucial for success
  • Why it’s important for an organization to continue to grow, instead of remaining in place and stagnating
  • What steps Brett and his team take to stay focused and continue to enjoy their work, despite any challenges

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