September 16, 2020

ABCD – Always Be Connecting the Dots, with Bryan Gillis

Episode 94:


Bryan is a proven business leader with more than 20 years of experience developing and leading executive-level account strategy, building and leading high-functioning teams and practices, and identifying and delivering technology solutions that meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Bryan’s success in selling and delivering diverse technology solutions to Fortune 100 companies can be attributed to his clear, persuasive communication style and keen ability to relate complex solutions to stakeholders at varying levels. Prior to joining The Northridge Group, Bryan has held senior management positions at market-leading technology companies includes IBM, Apple, and AT&T.

As the Executive Practice Lead of The Northridge Group’s Quality Solutions and Customer Analytics team, Bryan leads the organization’s delivery of actionable, data-driven customer insights for our clients and is responsible for developing new service offerings to address evolving market opportunities. Bryan holds a B.A. in Psychology from Creighton University where he was a  pitcher on the baseball team and team captain both his junior and senior season.

Father of 3 Strong-willed Daughters Maddie (16), Mia(15) and Samantha (12)!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How finding people who have a framework to better themselves and others have helped The Northridge Group build a sustainable culture
  • Why it is so important to get comfortable with failure as soon as possible
  • As The Northridge Group scales their Executive Advisor Space, what are some of the things they are looking for, questions they are asking and how they are a tell for how prepared you are and what skills you possess
  • How circumstances and adversity early in his life changed the path of his athletic career and motivated him to be the best Father he could be
  • Why it is so important to have a personal Board of Directors and how do you go about building one
  • What are the three principles that he lives by and how can they improve your professional and personal life immediately
  • What does he look for in people when he is on a video call with his team members or interviewees
  • What are the tools, resources, and practices that Bryan has used to develop the ability to be present

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