August 7, 2019

Live Every Moment, Love Beyond Words, and Laugh Every Day: Business Leadership Principles, with Claude Royster

Episode 51:

At Synchrony Financial, Claude Royster is the VP of Emerging Markets where he is responsible for driving dealer enrollment, sales growth and credit integration. In this role, Royster Provides innovation and thought leadership to drive profitability through managed portfolio industry segments, develops segmented sales, marketing and servicing strategies, and negotiates multi-year contracts for key programs. He also leads and develops teams of sales managers (direct reports) and matrix management.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Claude Royster’s role as VP of Sales at Synchrony
  • How his background in college football formed the foundation for a business career
  • Why moving out-of-state and pushing the boundaries of his skillset helped paved the way to a leadership role
  • How Synchrony Financial is able to build leadership within their organization
  • The value of diversity and inclusion at Synchrony, and how it creates an environment for growth and development
  • How Royster facilitates a collaborative environment in client meetings to discover their true needs
  • The parallels between sports coaches and business mentors

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