April 3, 2019

Learning Life Lessons from Sports, with Dan Rioux

Episode 35:

Dan, originally from New Hampshire, attended Texas State University while on a baseball scholarship and graduated with a degree in Engineering Technology. After two years of playing professional baseball, Dan worked in the field of engineering and industrial sales but ultimately found his calling through a community friend in the Financial Services Industry with New York Life / NYLIFE Securities. He started as a Financial Services Professional in 2001 achieving Council for three consecutive years and was promoted to Partner in the Austin General Office in 2005. Dan was then promoted to Senior Partner in 2011 because of the hard work and dedication of the advisors he served. In March of 2014, Dan accepted the opportunity to become the Managing Partner of the Tacoma General Office for New York Life. After four successful years, the Rioux family decided Texas would be home for getting the kids through High School also starting his own firm, Synergy Partners Wealth Strategies – a firm of Financial Advisors for Advisors. Dan enjoys playing music and golf and is active in his community mainly through his commitment and leadership with the Rotary Club of Lakeway/Laketravis. Dan and his wife, Kristy, live in Lakeway, Texas and have three children, Taylor (15), Hunter (13), and Addison (10).

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What valuable and difficult lessons Dan learned early in life that have served him throughout his career
  • Why Dan learned early in his baseball career to do whatever it takes to be a part of the team
  • How Dan struggled with anger and frustration in his last year of baseball and quit, and why that led him to depression and sadness for a few years afterward
  • Why Dan believes that the organization and structure of children’s sports today can hold kids back from the positive aspects of playing
  • What topics Dan covers in his upcoming book and how they relate to the “business” of kids’ sports
  • What advice Dan would offer to a parent concerned that his or her child is falling out of love with sports
  • How children can learn to deal with adversity through sports, and why those formative lessons are important to allow kids to learn
  • How Dan’s company, Synergy Partners Wealth Strategies, hires people in large part based on whether they’re coachable
  • Why creating a “safe” environment allows people to make mistakes, learn, and take ownership of their work
  • What Dan’s podcast is about, why he decided to start it after writing his book, and what high-profile guests he’s been able to have on his podcast

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