November 7, 2018

Lessons From the Titans of Sport, with Don Yaeger

Episode 15: Lessons From the Titans of Sport, with Don Yaeger

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Don’s career journey from college graduate to Sports Illustrated writer, to celebrated speaker and best-selling author
  • What traits set the best athletes apart from their competitors, and how that knowledge affected Don and his own habits
  • How the time Don spent interviewing UCLA legend Coach John Wooden profoundly changed Don’s perspective and outlook
  • Don’s three strategies for team building (product impact, community impact, and teammate impact) and how they help businesses unify their teams
  • Why learning to be a better teammate can make you invaluable to your organization
  • Why being a great teammate is a learned behavior, and why David Ross of the Chicago Cubs is a perfect example
  • Why working hard and having fun can go hand-in-hand, and why both can make you the best you can be
  • How David Ross and the Cubs did things differently and kept fun and engagement as cornerstones of the team
  • How Don balances his speaking engagements and business travel with family time with his children
  • How Don developed his thirty-day Journey to Greatness course, what it offers, and how to get lifetime access

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