June 19, 2019

Transformational, Not Transactional, with Ed Cheatham

Episode 45:

With over 30 years of experience inside the financial industry, Ed Cheatham believes wholeheartedly that it’s possible to do well by doing good. As a family man first, a proud husband and father to five children, his family focus has shaped his approach to advising by allowing him to create life-long relationships with clients before, during and after retirement. The successes of Ed’s past and the accomplishments of his future can be attributed to the notion that you win or you learn, but you never lose!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ed discusses his work as a wealth advisor and shares how his time on the trading floor was every bit as competitive as his time as an athlete
  • How the traits and behaviors that gave Ed success as a college quarterback have driven his success as a financial quarterback today
  • How conversations with Ed Molitor reshaped Ed’s thinking about his business, his career, and serving others
  • How Ed struggled with transitioning his career from the trade floor after 24 years, and how he worked through the challenge
  • How Ed learned to start conversations with others about the work he does, without allowing it to feel too “transactional” and awkward
  • How, through conversations with Ed Molitor and other eye-opening experiences, Ed was able to see his work in a new light as transformational for his clients
  • Where Ed still finds a strong sense of teamwork through the support staff he works with, and why it helps him do his best work
  • Why vulnerability, honesty, authenticity and integrity have been vital components of the work Ed does for his clients
  • Why Ed chose to focus on retirement planning, and why he decided to join Lakeside Wealth Management to help him with his development in that area
  • What advice Ed would offer to younger people who are considering going into wealth management and financial advisor careers
  • Why the way you treat others invariably comes back to you, and why doing your work with selflessness and giving can be enriching

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