July 28, 2021

VICTORY Defined, with Ed Molitor

Episode 124:

In the last 26 years, Ed Molitor has developed his leadership skills in both athletics and business. From working as an NCAA Basketball coach at Texas A&M to becoming the Vice President of a national recruiting firm, Ed has taught countless athletes, coaches, and business leaders how to THINK, ACT, and EXECUTE at an elite level. Ed has a unique set of skills to deliver leaders across the country a purposeful, positive, energetic, and refreshing experience to unlock their true potential.

In 2016, Ed launched his company, The Molitor Group, in order to reach and add value to a larger sphere of ambitious individuals and help them achieve their goals every day. Through The Molitor Group, Ed has guided all types of leaders to achieve success. From entrepreneurs and executives to teams and companies, The Molitor Group specializes in empowering individuals and groups to achieve at the next level. Through Leadership Performance training, coaching, and speaking, Ed’s goal is to supply people and organizations with the necessary tools to move forward from where they are now to where they want to be.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Giannis Antetokounmpo’s perfect answer was to a question about how he keeps his ego in check
  • What lesson you can learn from Bryson DeChambeau’s response to his struggles off the tee during The Open
  • What we can learn from the current state of college athletics as it pertains to success being measured differently by individuals in the same organization
  • Why it is so important for you to clearly define what VICTORY means to you
  • What the seven pillars of VICTORY are and what each one means
  • What the five fundamentals of a high-impact coaching are and how they go hand-in-hand with VICTORY
  • Why VICTORY undefined is VICTORY unfulfilled

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