April 19, 2023

Living Curiously and Capitalizing on Relationships with Aaron Ryan

Episode 170:

With over 25 years in professional sports, Aaron Ryan is passionate about building businesses and partnerships centered around people that are inspired to drive change through sport.

His work at the NBA, RSG, and Overtime Elite has provided him with life-changing opportunities to lead some of the most exciting and innovative properties and projects in the industry.

As President of NorthRock X, he is responsible for leading a first-of-its-kind financial and lifestyle advisory firm, dedicated to the modern athlete, sports executive, and entertainer, as they seek to master their craft, reduce complexity in their life, and drive impact in the communities that help them achieve success on and off their field of play.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

The importance of:

  • Embracing a curious mindset toward everything in life
  • Capitalizing on relationship building
  • Building connections that can help you venture into life’s other chapters
  • Having affairs like wealth management in order
  • Mentorship and the role it plays in relationship development
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