August 24, 2022

Facilitating Action and Creating Change with Laura Waters-Brown

Episode 158:

Women in sports – as participants, fans, and consumers – face inequities that demand new solutions from all angles of the industry. Laura Waters-Brown works daily to connect challenges to solutions, and build a career around creating tangible, positive change.

Laura is responsible for the day-to-day relationship development, strategic planning, and project coordination of The Collective Think Tank: a global consortium of academics, brands, and properties committed to using research to make sustainable progress for women in sports.

Prior to joining Wasserman, Laura worked for the PGA TOUR from 2016 to 2020. During those five years, her responsibilities included: identifying and monitoring digital trends and social media platforms to increase tournament ticket sales and revenue; and overseeing website communications, social media presence, and digital advertising for the TOUR’s flagship tournament, THE PLAYERS Championship.

She also spent three years with the Cleveland Browns as a Digital Business Coordinator, where she oversaw website and social communications, as well as sponsorship development and digital revenue generation. Recognized as a digitally savvy professional – fluent in multiple media and social platforms – Laura has earned the trust of her peers, colleagues, and teams based on her ability to reimagine and energize engagement levels within global environments and communities.

Fueled by her mother’s involvement in public service and civic engagement, Laura has a strong faith and passion for equity and inclusion. She’s involved in several professional and community groups and associations, including her Chair duties on the National Sports Forum’s Business of Diversity in Sports and Entertainment (BDSE), of which she has been a member for more than 5 years.

An Ohio native, Laura received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from South Carolina State University and an MBA and Master’s degree in Sports Administration from Ohio University. She enjoys music, and sharing love and laughter with family, friends, and her dog EZ. Laura, inspired by the scripture Mark 9:23, believes that anything is possible to those who believe.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to identify who you need on board to create positive change
  • How you show your purpose through your actions
  • Why it is so powerful when you don’t care who gets the credit
  • How to encourage your team members to bring their most honest and authentic selves 
  • How The Collective Think Tank drives positive changes for equity among women in organizations
  • What is the biggest challenge event marketers face today for Gen Z
  • What is the key element that helped Laura excel in her roles as the Digital Business Coordinator of The Browns and with the PGA Tour
  • How Laura uncovered her career path

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