October 31, 2018

Faith, Gratitude and Basketball, with Katy Lee

Episode 14: Faith, Gratitude and Basketball, with Katy Lee

Here are some of the takeaways from this week’s episode:

  • How a “career killer” injury changed the course of Katy Lee’s athletic journey and her life
  • How the Texas A&M coaching staff and their confidence in Katy helped shape her own leadership style
  • How Katy made the physical and mental transition from being a high-school athlete to a college athlete
  • How relationships Katy Lee formed at Texas A&M during her athletic career have given her opportunities in her life after college
  • Why Katy and her husband were forced to make difficult career decisions toward the end of their college athletics careers
  • Why making a checklist of clear post-college goals was important for Katy and her husband to plan for the future
  • How her strong faith has helped Katy have confidence and optimism for the future
  • How lessons learned as an athlete have helped Katy in her post-college career with her family business
  • Why Katy believes that being confident isn’t the same thing as being cocky
  • Why Katy believes that having a powerful culture and core values in her business are essential
  • Why Katy treats her team as a family
  • Why her basketball coaches in high school and college were the mentors that taught Katy her biggest life lessons

Additional resources:

Website: www.cccreationsusa.com
Website: www.thewarehouseatcc.com

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