September 15, 2021

Finding Your Summit

Episode 130: Finding Your Summit

In every facet of his life, Mark Pattison scales personal and professional summits. Mark is a former NFL Player, philanthropist, podcaster and successful entrepreneur & currently an executive at Sports Illustrated and now has climbed all Seven Summits having completed this feat by scaling the death-defying Mt. Everest in the spring of 2021. Mark dedicated his climb to his daughter Emilia who is overcoming her own Everest by defeating epilepsy. Mark has raised over $56,000 with generous donations from both the NFL and Las Vegas Raiders. All proceeds go to Higher Ground.

In the Fall of 2021, the NFL is debuting a documentary about Mark’s journey he experienced on Mt Everest. This film will be shown on NFL 360.

Mark’s podcast, Finding Your Summit has over 120,000 downloads after 200 episodes which provides powerful conversations with celebrities, sports legends and others about overcoming their adversity and finding their way.

Mark is a father and caring human being who continually looks for opportunities to give back to others. He helps people get off the sidelines and back into the lane of life by unleashing their potential & realizing what they are capable of in their lives.


What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What drove Mark to set a goal to become the first former NFL player to scale the Seven Summits
  • How Mark reset his mind when his original date to scale his final summit, Mt. Everest, was canceled in March of 2020
  • Why it is so important to step into fear when you are scaling your own summit
  • How Mark and his fellow climbers survived two cyclones and a number of avalanches while they were climbing Mt. Everest
  • Why it takes a commitment to daily discipline to make your dreams come true
  • What got Mark through the descent of Everest after he ran out of oxygen and was left behind by his Sherpa
  • How John Wooden’s famous quote, “Be your best when your best is required” truly describes the way Mark was able to rise to the occasion despite all of his physical and mental challenges on Everest
  • How Mark’s daughter Emilia has so bravely worked toward conquering her own Summit of Epilepsy

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