September 26, 2018

Finding Your Strengths and Understanding Your Weaknesses, with Maureen Electa Monte

Episode 10:

Maureen Monte is an author and team consultant who has been building winning teams for over a dozen years using her Destination Unstoppable® program. She has worked with 25 sports teams resulting in 12 regional champions, 8 state finalists, and 4 state champions. Maureen accelerates team success by reducing the roadblocks to achieving goals and objectives, both in the formal system (what you do) and in the human system (how you do it.) Her journey of helping the Cranbrook Boys Varsity Hockey team go from dysfunctional to state champions in six weeks is documented in her 2016 book entitled Destination Unstoppable: The Journey of No Teammate left Behind.

Maureen leverages an assessment that measures the internal motor of each player (Clifton StrengthsFinder®) so that coaches and teams can align that untapped talent with success. This is a diversity program that operates from the inside out: What does the internal motor of your team look like? How can you leverage that information to help the team reach its full potential?

Her corporate clients include the University of Michigan, Ally, Kellogg’s, La-Z-Boy, IBM, Huntington Bank, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and SalesForce.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Maureen made the hard decision to leave her position as an engineer in corporate America to become an entrepreneur
  • How discovering Clifton StrengthsFinder unexpectedly altered Maureen’s career path, and how she uses it to help individuals and teams
  • Feeling like an outsider as a female in the engineering and athletics fields
  • How understanding the difference between men and women in STEM fields is useful information
  • How Maureen uses probing questions to help her clients define success for themselves and integrate their personal and team definitions of success
  • Stories of working with highly dysfunctional teams and how she worked to get their members to work together
  • Why Maureen believes the key to success is fully exploiting your strengths while understanding your weaknesses
  • How growing up poor altered Maureen’s viewpoint and taught her life lessons about her career and success
  • Maureen’s advice to professionals who feel like they are stuck in a rut and want to make a significant career change
  • The story of a young man who said that Maureen had “saved his life” by giving him the right career advice

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