February 27, 2019

Brain Chemicals and Business Leadership, with Mike Simonsen

Episode 31:

Mike co-founded Altos Research in 2005 and serves as the company’s CEO. He has 15 years of experience with software development and marketing of enterprise applications, and security products. In developing the Altos product offerings he applied his expertise in analytical systems development to a personal interest in the real estate market.

Prior to founding Altos Research, Mike was Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at network systems vendor Nevis Networks where he led the team from initial product concept through the company’s launch into the market. Before joining Nevis he led product management at Inkra Networks, and helped build the company’s innovative product line and contributed to the company’s successful sales into the largest datacenters in the world. Mike previously founded Potrero Networks and was director of product management at Lucent Technologies/INS VitalSuite division. He has a BS from the University of Nevada and an MBA from Chicago’s DePaul University.

Specialties: Real Estate Data, Real Estate Technology & Marketing
Startups and Entrepreneurship- Internet, software, and information

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Mike’s career path started with a love for software, and how his real estate price model he created for himself turned into a successful company
  • How Mike realized the potential of his home price trend software and decided to begin selling it, and how far his software’s reach has gone
  • Why Mike realized that he wanted and needed more joy in his work, and what changes he made to his life to achieve joy
  • How the neurochemicals serotonin (confidence), dopamine (reward), oxytocin (love) and cortisol (anxiety) mix in your brain to change your mood
  • How Mike learned to control his levels to alter his mindset, and how his self-control has impacted his work
  • What your brain’s “default mode network” is, when it activates, and how it affects you and your behavior
  • How journaling helps Mike control his cortisol levels and better understand his feelings at the moment
  • How neurochemicals affect communication, and how communication, in turn, can alter your neurochemicals
  • How gratitude helps suppress your cortisol and allows your “good” neurochemicals to flow
  • What advice Mike has to offer to business professionals looking to start the internal process of taking control of their brain chemicals

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