May 27, 2020

Tapping Into the Powerful Strengths of Millennials, with Nick Sarillo

Episode 81:

Nick Sarillo is the founder of the Trust & Track Institute and Nick’s Pizza & Pub – the sixth busiest independent pizza company in per-store sales in the United States. Founded with the purpose of providing the community with an unforgettable place where families could relax and have fun, Nick’s Pizza & Pub was recently named one of the Top 25 Best Small Businesses in the country by Forbes Magazine.

​Nick credits his company’s success to his purpose-driven culture, which is the focus of his book, A Slice of the Pie: How to Build a Big Little Business (Portfolio; 2012). Nick is a regular speaker at entrepreneurship and HR conferences, and his insights have been featured in The New York Times, The Economist, Inc., Fast Company and Investor’s Business Daily.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to drive a trust that helps you grow through the tough times
  • How to build systems around purpose and values
  • Why it is so significant to shift from the mindset of a manager solution to a purpose and value solution
  • How Nick views millennials and what has been the key to being so successful with 70% of Nick’s Pizza and Pub’s workforce being under the age of 25
  • Why Trust and Track is so powerful and how it is the complete opposite of command and control leadership
  • How Nick defines culture
  • Why it is so important to be explicit in defining your purpose
  • The three keys to effective communication
  • Why Nick does not want people coming to him seeking permission at work

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