February 26, 2020

Trust, Positive Energy and Making Yourself Indispensable, with Randy Eccker

Episode 68:

Randy Eccker is one of the leading digital media and technology figures in the sports industry. Eccker has founded, led, managed or advised over 30 properties or groups across the industry and has participated in over $350M in corporate transactions. His experience as a Founder, CEO, Chairman, Board Member or Advisor has been instrumental in the success of many of these companies and has provided him with a powerful view of the industry and extensive relationships with many of its leaders.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How he is working with Homefield USA to disrupt the youth sports experience
  • How, without planning it, he became involved in the technology side of sports as a result of choosing between two career paths after he graduated from Creighton….coaching college basketball and law school
  • What it means to Randy to make yourself indispensable
  • How the fear of failure drove Randy to realize that his true ability as an athlete was not necessarily his athletic ability, but rather his smarts, toughness, selflessness, and work ethic and how that has shown up throughout his amazing professional career
  • How he made his bones as a player has translated into how he made his bones as a leader in the sports industry
  • Why trust is so important and it has to be earned and not given at face value
  • What the process is when a company engages Randy in conversation about joining them as an advisor, board member, or a similar role
  • What the keys and benefits are to generating your own happiness

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