May 29, 2019

Breaking Through as a Sports Agent, with Rob Roche

Episode 42:

Rob Roche is the CEO and President of RSR Sports Management, which is a sports management firm that specializes in representing NFL Players, coaches, and broadcasters. Rob has been a licensed NFL Agent for 20 years, an attorney in the State of NJ, and a Professor of Sports Management at The College of NJ in Ewing, NJ.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Rob played wide receiver at the College of New Jersey before getting a law degree and becoming an NFL agent
  • How Rob came to find himself in a job that made him unhappy after he failed to get work as an agent due to no prior experience
  • How Rob balances representing his client well with understanding and working around the needs of the team
  • Rob discusses negotiating with the Baltimore Ravens on behalf of Justin Tucker in 2016, and he shares how things changed significantly in 2019
  • Why Rob works hard to recruit clients who are a good fit for him and for his personality, and what qualities he looks for
  • How Rob connects with his clients on many levels, and how he treats everyone he works with as family
  • Why Rob enjoys teaching sports management courses, and what sort of information and lessons he shares with students
  • What Rob considers to be some of the greatest moments of his career, including taking his sons to the Pro Bowl
  • How both of Rob’s sons have played football growing up, and how being a dad has given him a different perspective on things

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