March 13, 2019

Universal Lessons from Basketball to Business, with Ronell Peters

Episode 33:

Mr. Ronell Peters has been Senior Vice President of Houston Special Projects and Senior Manager at TDIndustries, Inc. since 2013. Mr. Peters joined TDIndustries in 1988 as a Project Coordinator and over the course of 26 years has progressed through a number of roles within the organization. He is heavily invested in his community and serves in the following positions for organizations in the Houston area: Volunteer Chaplain at the Harris County Jail, Board Member of Spaulding for Children, Board Member of ASA (America Subcontractors Association), and AGC Specialty Contractor Council committee member. Mr. Peters received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Ronell shares how he got into athletics in the third grade, and how his basketball coach from third grade is still a part of his life
  • What lessons Ronell learned on the court that he has been able to bring into his professional career in the business world
  • Why Ronell strongly believes that “practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent”, and which role models most influenced Ronell’s life
  • Why being shorter than the average basketball player meant that Ronell had to be more conscious and mindful of the need to strategize
  • Why Ronell’s coaching style involves helping people learn what they don’t know and discover the answers together
  • Why Ronell believes strongly in servant leadership, and how he brings the principles of servant leadership into his work, family life, and volunteering
  • Why accountability is an important component for success, and why being accountable to someone else doesn’t make you weak
  • How Ronell works to invest in young people through training, classroom education, and allowing them the room to fail
  • What challenges Ronell faced playing basketball as a 5’6″ tall point guard, and why he felt a constant need to prove himself
  • How Ronell defines a “great teammate”, and what values and attributes he feels are always present in a great teammate

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