January 9, 2019

Finding Wisdom in Failure, with Sam Mallikarjunan

Episode 24: Finding Wisdom in Failure, with Sam Mallikarjunan

Sam Mallikarjunan is Head of Marketing at BirdEye.com, a SaaS startup enabling small businesses to win at online marketing by leverage their most powerful content of all — their happy customers. Sam is the former Head of Growth at HubSpot Labs and has taught Advanced Digital Marketing at Harvard University as well as Innovation Management and Marketing Analytics right here at the University of South Florida. With his energetic approach as a digital marketing instructor for multiple universities, Sam strives to provide students with a curriculum focused on frameworks for building modern growth engines. As a consultant, he brings an outsider’s fresh perspective to guide seasoned teams to identify areas of opportunity and develop specific plans with attainable goals.

Sam is also co-author of the book How To Sell Better Than Amazon which is, thanks to the publisher, ironically available for purchase on Amazon.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Sam’s career path led him to his current position as the head of marketing at BirdEye
  • Sam shares the amazing story of his unconventional application to his previous employer, HubSpot
  • Why Sam chose to leave his great job with HubSpot because he felt he “had it way too easy”
  • What defining moments in Sam’s life shaped his career path and his personal drive to succeed
  • Sam’s thoughts on the controversial Nike marketing campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick
  • How hunger and desperation caused Sam to buy a “$36 burrito” before he found financial freedom
  • Why Sam wrote and shares an article, “A Horrendous Record of Failures You Won’t Find on My Resume”
  • Why Sam values the mistakes he’s made throughout his career and the lessons he learned because of them
  • How Sam began helping Syrian refugees go into business selling their own handmade crafts
  • Why Sam attributes his successful career to developing the skills of simplification and focus

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