March 20, 2019

Growing a Business in a Challenging Industry, with Tai Lee

Episode 34:

Chef Tai Lee, Texas A&M Class of 2002, owns and operates five gourmet eateries in Bryan/College Station: Veritas Wine & Bistro, Madden’s Casual Gourmet, Paolo’s Italian Kitchen, Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro and upcoming Urban Table Restaurant. Since starting his business in 2007, Chef Tai has established himself as one of the most prominent players on the Bryan/College Station culinary stage with his renowned culinary skill.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What numerous projects, businesses, and events Tai is currently working on, including carving out time for his family
  • How Tai found his way into the restaurateur role, as well as how he found his way to Texas A&M and becoming a business owner
  • Why Tai fell in love with the food industry as a child, and why running a restaurant runs in his family
  • Why Tai’s father initially wanted him to abandon his idea of running a restaurant, and why he eventually came around to the idea
  • How Tai overcame the early challenges of running a restaurant business, and what business strategies he employed to grow his business
  • How Tai works to recruit and hire employees who are the right fit for his company culture and values, and how he trains them
  • What struggles Tai has faced in his business, and what areas of being a business owner he is most proud of
  • How Tai’s second restaurant business, a food truck, has been awarded “America’s Favorite Food Truck” by Food Network in 2011
  • How Tai has been able to expand his business operations by purchasing competitor restaurants and expanding throughout the area
  • Why each of Tai’s restaurants are unique from each other and avoids cannibalizing diners from each other
  • What plans Tai has for catering Ed Molitor’s “Unleashing Greatness” tailgating event on April 10th

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