July 24, 2019

Real Things That Really Make a Difference, with Tom Carmazzi

Episode 49:

Tom is the CEO of Tuthill Corporation, a privately held and 4th generation manufacturer of industrial products. His role is to bring to life the COMPASS of the corporation. The COMPASS is Tuthill’s version of a vision and mission statement, however, it is radically different from the norm. Their version is all about “ALIVENESS” with a “Purpose to Wake the World.” This HUGE undertaking requires a culture where folks want to live into their full potential not only for the company, but for their families, their communities, and the world.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Tuthill CEO Tom Carmazzi’s journey
  • The implications of making decisions from your heart first
  • How Tom Carmazzi shifted his focus from numbers to people
  • Tuthill Corporation’s history
  • The 4 sticks of leadership,
  • How to quantify a unique system like ‘people first’
  • ‘Authenticity’ from Tom Carmazzi’s perspective
  • The significance of coaching your employees instead of managing them

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