November 23, 2022

Triathlons, Big Clients, and Luxury Cars with Jayne Edwards

Episode 163:

Jayne is the Account Director on the BMW Group at Wasserman leading on creating unique brand experiences and activating partnerships that deliver the brand’s objectives and values.

Wasserman is a premier agency that handles some of the world’s most iconic athletes, artists, brands, properties, broadcasters, coaches, sports executives and influencers. Jayne recently finished up with a highly successful promotion for the NFL game at Allianz Arena in Munich. 

When she’s not designing branding events on a world scale, Jayne is busy training for competition. Jayne completed her first triathlon in 2016, but she eventually shifted from completing triathlons to competing in triathlons. 

This year, she’s qualified for the European and Ironman Age Group World Championships (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run). Her triathlon kit has had a few upgrades, and her career is getting more dynamic and impactful. It’s gonna be a great year for Jayne!

We’re lucky to get to hear Jayne weigh in on branding and brand activation. She works where the rubber hits the road, and has deep insight about branding, events, and handling clients. Our conversation not only reveals current trends in the industry, but it also gives listeners a peek into what it’s like working behind the scenes at one of the premier agencies in the world (while also putting up savage times in triathlons). 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to plan and execute events to make meaningful connections 
  • What to do to turn interpersonal connections into growth
  • Ways to prepare for a major competition/project/endeavor 
  • Strategies and systems for how to respond creatively to adversity 
  • Ways to improve communication with clients, superiors, and subordinates
  • Keys to building lasting relationships in fast-moving industries

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