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Dr. Erik Korem AIM7
Whether fueling the feats of NCAA athletes or the U.S. Dept. of Defense, implementing one of the NFL's first sports science programs, or coaching Olympic gold medalists, Dr. Erik Korem has always been driven by a relentless pursuit of high performance. As time progressed, that drive became a new purpose — to translate the science-enabling elite performers into actionable recommendations for anyone with a desire to improve. Fueled by a deep-rooted desire to help others live a more fulfilled and healthy life, Dr. Erik Korem is an applied performance scientist that leaves every person or place he interacts with better than he found it. During the nearly 20 years he spent working with establishments like the NFL, NCAA, Nike, and U.S. Dept of Defense, it’s easy to see he didn’t let a single day go to waste. Similarly, as a Presidential Leadership Scholar that holds a doctorate in exercise science with a research emphasis on sleep and stress resilience, he’s leveraged his education and platform to provide others with tangible health insights by writing for media outlets like Inc. and conducting impactful interviews with notable experts and athletes on his podcast The BluePrint. While Erik’s relentless pursuit of high performance has come with its fair share of obstacles, it was also preparing him for his biggest challenge to date; entrepreneurship. He became the Founder and CEO of AIM7 in 2020, pouring his expertise into an app that analyzes users' data and provides custom recommendations for enhancing the mind, body, and recovery process. Leveraging the science of adaptive capacity, Erik and his team are unlocking a new level of human performance for anyone with a wearable device — so they can be their best without burning out.
Matt Rysavy Verona Pharma
Matt Rysavy has been a pharma leader for nearly 20 years. His roles have ranged from Training Manager, to National Account Executive, to Executive Director, Market Access and Trade (and nearly every leadership position in between). Emerging leaders can use Matt’s career trajectory and leadership style as a guide for navigating their own path. Matt is now the Vice President, Market Access and Trade for Verona Pharma. Verona Pharma is a clinical‑stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative prescription medicines. They’re focused on treating respiratory diseases with significant unmet medical needs, such as COPD, cystic fibrosis and asthma. Matt is also an accomplished athlete. As a 3-year Football Letterman at Iowa State as a Tight End, he earned a scholarship as a walk-on in the 1996 season. His work ethic, coachability, and willingness to invest 100% in a cause were a big part of his success as an athlete, and also his success in pharma leadership. Matt’s is primarily focused on developing driven people within his teams. His people-first approach gets results, too. Because of his deep respect for ethics, relationships, and hard work, his career has shot upward and forward. Many of his proteges are now in C-Suites and boardrooms spread across the industry, standing as a testament to his success as a leader. Advancing your career in pharma can be challenging. Success isn’t always up to you. But Matt provides insight on how to build your career and your team in the face of unique challenges and opportunities that present themselves.
JeVon McCormick Scribe Media
JeVon McCormick was born the son of a pimp father and a single mother on welfare. Poverty, abuse, eviction, and discrimination were a daily part of his life. Today, he’s the CEO of Scribe Media, a multi-million dollar publishing company awarded the #1 Top Company Culture in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. JeVon’s journey gives us a peek into a world rarely seen by those sitting around a boardroom table. His outsider upbringing and his tremendous success in investing, writing, and corporate leadership offers us an unapologetic, regret-free view of life and leadership. JeVon’s leadership style is the opposite of exploitative. Human-centric principles drive every decision he makes. Hiring, coaching, and business development are all handled with a deeply personal affectation cultivated over a lifetime of hard work, learning from mistakes, and taking care of his people.
Suzanne Monahan Shionogi
Suzanne Monahan is a wife, mother, and leader in the health sciences industry. As a former collegiate athlete, two time cancer survivor, and now a leader, she is passionate about the power of mindset, teamwork and performance. Currently, she holds a commercial leadership position at Shionogi Inc, a biopharmaceutical company that leverages a science-based heritage to develop and commercialize pharmaceutical products to treat unmet medical needs. Today, she dedicates her time at Shionogi to building and leading the sales team for the US. Suzanne is committed to “raising up” cohesive and resilient teams both at work and on the field. She believes in family first and enjoys giving back, serving as a girl’s lacrosse coach, an advocate for patient-focused cancer care, and a mentor to future leaders.

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