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Bonner Paddock Rinn Project Possible
In 2008, Bonner Paddock summited Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain. Four years later, he earned the elite triathlete title, Kona Ironman. Thousands have done each individually. Bonner is the first person with cerebral palsy to do both. When Bonner was born, his umbilical cord had coiled twice around his neck, depriving him of oxygen, causing parts of his brain to die. That cord didn’t take his life, but it changed it forever. Diagnosed in his youth, Bonner swore he wouldn’t let this neurological disorder limit him, and for twenty-nine years he guarded the truth about his health. But the sudden death of a friend’s young son who also suffered from CP forced Bonner to re-evaluate his life. No longer would he be content striving for normal. Instead, he would live life to its fullest, pursuing one breathtaking experience at a time—while raising money for special needs children along the way—and never turn down a challenge for fear of his physical limitations. His monumental climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro was documented in the film Beyond Limits and helped raise money for the construction of a new childcare center in Orange County, providing early treatment for children with all types of physical disabilities. Bonner took his vision global and has been building more centers around the world to help children live better lives. When he completed the Kona Ironman… which is 140 miles of racing…. in 16 1/2 hours, he raised over $560,000 for special needs children. His is a remarkable journey that has taken him across the globe and introduced him to a fascinating cast of characters who have supported his inspiring quest. An athlete, adventurer, and philanthropist, he is no longer defined by his limits, but by the moments that pushed him past them. Bonner's book, One More Step, shows us that we can all conquer our own challenges and embrace every moment life has to offer.
Ed Molitor The Molitor Group
Ed is a coach down to the very smallest molecule of his DNA. Whether he's a husband and father at home or working with a client in the business world, he is an energized, passionate, and near-obsessive coach who is fully invested in showing up with all he's got to help you show up with all you've got. His approach is one that insists on presence. He knows no other way to catalyze change except by getting on the court with you, playing side-by-side, and encouraging you to keep pushing, especially when the going gets tough.  In the last 29 years, Ed has developed his leadership skills in both athletics and business. From working as an NCAA Basketball coach at Texas A&M, DePaul NIU, and Lewis University to becoming the Vice President of a national recruiting firm, Ed Molitor has experienced the potential and pitfalls of leadership at every level.  As the founder and CEO of The Molitor Group, today Ed guides emerging and established leaders across biopharma and biotech to apply the proven lessons of coaching in their pursuit of inspiring and driving their team’s performance.  Through personalized training, workshops, keynote speeches, his writing, and as a podcast host, Ed seeks to empower individuals and their organizations to achieve victory through a focus on transformation, fundamentals, compassion, mental toughness, and vision.   Ed graduated from St. Ambrose University with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in Economics where he was a member of the Men’s Basketball team serving as the co-captain his Senior year. Before St. Ambrose, he studied business at Creighton University where he played on the Men’s Basketball teams which included a 1989 MVC Regular Season and Tournament Champions, NCAA Tournament, and a 1990 NIT Tournament. 
Aaron Ryan NorthRock X
With over 25 years in professional sports, Aaron Ryan is passionate about building businesses and partnerships centered around people that are inspired to drive change through sport. His work at the NBA, RSG, and Overtime Elite has provided him with life-changing opportunities to lead some of the most exciting and innovative properties and projects in the industry. As President of NorthRock X, he is responsible for leading a first-of-its-kind financial and lifestyle advisory firm, dedicated to the modern athlete, sports executive, and entertainer, as they seek to master their craft, reduce complexity in their life, and drive impact in the communities that help them achieve success on and off their field of play.
Jake Weiss Coachability Consultants
Jake Weiss, Ph.D. is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, and the President & CEO of Coachability Consultants, Inc., a management consulting firm focused on maximizing coaching investments, practices, effectiveness, and cultures by addressing the "missing piece" of the coaching equation - employees' and leaders' coachability. Prior to his current role, he served as a Senior Consultant and the Research Lead at Inteflex, Inc., where he conducted innovative research to inform the development of its advanced managerial coaching development and sales force effectiveness workshops for Fortune 100 and 500 companies across the Health Sciences, BioPharma, and Biotech industries. Before – and during – his tenure at Inteflex, Jake worked on multiple NASA-funded initiatives to uncover optimal crew composition and team processes and dynamics necessary for success in long-duration space exploration (LDSE), in effort to inform and maximize the Mission to Mars. Passionate about bridging the scientist-practitioner gap and bringing best-in-class, evidence-based engagements to clients, his current research focuses on coaching, employee coachability, and organizational cultures. Jake and his team at Coachability Consultants regularly publish peer-reviewed research on these topics to advance the literature on these topics in the management science literature. Jake earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida (UCF), where he also played Division 1 soccer for four years. He earned his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, specializing in organizational coaching and coachability, from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Coachability Consultants recently launched itas Coachability@Work Certification Program, which equips coaches, consultants, and organizational leaders to leverage the first and only scientifically-validated Coachability@Work Assessment and Coachability development tools with their clients and organizations.

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