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Rich Sheridan Menlo Innovations
Menlo Innovations CEO Rich Sheridan became disillusioned in the middle of his career in the chaotic technology industry. He had an all-consuming thought…things can be better. Much better. He had to find a way. Why couldn't a workplace be filled with camaraderie, human energy, creativity, and productivity?
Kane Ma Kamo Digital Solutions
Kane Ma is Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer of Kamo Digital Solutions. An entrepreneur and business development professional with strong industry knowledge in software development, web and app dev/design, campaign automation, data analysis + SEO, and digital advertising. Experienced in the development and implementation of emerging digital technologies. Blockchain enthusiast. Received Bachelor's in Computer Science and Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill while as a Varsity letterman in the Men's Basketball Program after starring on the JV team for three years.
Ed Molitor The Molitor group
In the last 26 years, Ed Molitor has developed his leadership skills in both athletics and business. From working as an NCAA Basketball coach at Texas A&M to becoming the Vice President of a national recruiting firm, Ed has taught countless athletes, coaches, and business leaders how to THINK, ACT, and EXECUTE at an elite level. Ed has a unique set of skills to deliver leaders across the country a purposeful, positive, energetic, and refreshing experience to unlock their true potential.
Holly B. Hunt Director, National Partner Programs, Comcast Business
Holly B. Hunt was raised in a rural North Georgia town, Elberton, Georgia, which is also known as “The Granite Capital of the World.”  The oldest of four children, she felt a natural inclination to take on the role of leader and caretaker from a young age.  A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Holly has always looked for ways to grow and develop outside of her current circumstances.

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