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Mark Pattison NFL2SevenSummits
Former NFL Player now Climbing the Seven Summits. Will become the first player to do so. Vinson Massif this January, Everest March 2020.
Ed Molitor The Molitor Group
In the last 26 years, Ed Molitor has developed his leadership skills in both athletics and business. From working as a NCAA Basketball coach at Texas A&M to becoming the Vice President of a national recruiting firm, Ed has taught countless athletes, coaches, and business leaders how to THINK, ACT, and EXECUTE at an elite level.
Brett Gilliland Elite Entrepreneurs
Brett Gilliland is founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, which specializes in helping business owners who are running 7-figure businesses by giving them the knowledge, tools, and processes they need grow and scale to $10 million and beyond.
David Osborn Keller Williams
David Osborn is a self-made multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur, and author of New York Times bestseller Wealth Can’t Wait and Miracle Morning Millionaires. He has become a passionate educator, sharing with candor his journey to financial freedom and the well-cultivated methodologies that helped him get there.

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