February 8, 2024

The Art of Authentic Leadership: Relationships, Respect, and Adaptability with Matt Monahan

Episode 186:

Matt Monahan joined Genesys Health as Chief Strategy Officer in 2020 after leading the way as the National Practice Leader of an Insurtech benefits consulting firm. He was responsible for sales, service, and insurance operations for over 500 employers across the United States.

 To know Matt is to be in the presence of an infectious energy. Matt sees the world differently; where others see a dead end, he sees an opportunity to connect, perfect, and solve. Matt isn’t afraid to ask hard questions and challenge the norm, taking pride in disrupting systems before building them back stronger and more successful.

Before that, he spent 15+ years at Aetna and GE, where he held multiple senior leadership roles at Aetna. Matt worked closely to bring innovative solutions to the market.

In a consulting business where service and support are incredibly subjective, regardless of the situation any action he takes is making sure it is the right thing for that person on the other end.

What You’ll learn on this episode: 

  • How Matt’s athletic background contributes to his success in business.
  • Why it is essential to stay connected to your core values, especially during moments of extreme success or adversity.
  • How the ability to connect can significantly enhance communication and teamwork
  • How Genesys Health is leading the way in employee and client experience.
  • The value in having the ability to pivot and embrace change as an opportunity.
  • Why communication is key in every aspect of leadership and day-to-day interactions.
  • The influence of Matt’s dad on his ability to form genuine relationships based on respect.

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