December 14, 2023

The Power of Authentic Connections in Recruitment and Leadership with Jon Denny

Episode 184:

Jon Denny has been a National Executive Sales and Marketing Recruiter for over 24 years in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Devices, and Medical Diagnostics Industries with leading national recruitment firm, Buckman Enochs Coss & Associates (BEC Search).

Established in 1979, BEC Search specializes in helping the best Healthcare and Life Science companies find the best people for every level of their organization, Commercial, Med Affairs, Sales, and Marketing Executives – for Projects and Retained.

They have partnered with leading companies such as Allergan/Abbvie, Biodesix, Amgen, Apellis, Cardinal Health, Dompe, Genentech, Lantheus, Shionogi, Inc., Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Takeda, Travere Therapeutics, Vertos Medical, and many others. 

Before joining BEC, Jon spent over two years in Accounting and Finance Recruitment for a leading staffing firm and 4 years in College/University Recruitment. 

In the last two decades, Jon has helped countless individuals in healthcare sales, marketing, and clinical roles find employment opportunities that have been life-changing and he has several current clients he helped early on in their careers.

Jon attributes his transformative approach to a unique blend of business acumen, strong work ethic, empathy, and ability to connect with individuals. These traits find their roots in his competitive collegiate athletic background, where he played football for four years at his alma mater, Ohio Northern University.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The importance of human connection in leadership and recruiting
  • The crucial role of preparation in the recruiting process, for both the candidate and recruiter
  • Reasons why people leave their jobs and how they often relate to issues with management or a lack of development opportunities
  • The impact of a transformational approach in recruitment for greater success
  • How understanding a candidate’s story and motivation reveals insights into their suitability
  • The necessity of understanding a candidate’s purpose and its connection to career aspirations
  • The high value placed on intangible qualities such as character, integrity, and work ethic in potential hires

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