December 21, 2022

Modern Leader: Human-Centric Decision Making with JeVon McCormick

Episode 165:

JeVon McCormick was born the son of a pimp father and a single mother on welfare. Poverty, abuse, eviction, and discrimination were a daily part of his life. 

Today, he’s the CEO of Scribe Media, a multi-million dollar publishing company awarded the #1 Top Company Culture in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

JeVon’s journey gives us a peek into a world rarely seen by those sitting around a boardroom table. His outsider upbringing and his tremendous success in investing, writing, and corporate leadership offers us an unapologetic, regret-free view of life and leadership. 

JeVon’s leadership style is the opposite of exploitative. Human-centric principles drive every decision he makes. Hiring, coaching, and business development are all handled with a deeply personal affectation cultivated over a lifetime of hard work, learning from mistakes, and taking care of his people. 

Modern corporate leadership increasingly requires a more nuanced new skill set. But what does that really mean?

It means there is a different way leaders can act that gets better results. JeVon shows us the value of supporting and serving your team. His people-first leadership attracts and develops talented people, and that’s had a huge impact on the bottom line for his operations. 

Be like JeVon: Support and serve your team so you can enjoy your leadership role more and compound your team’s successes.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How accountability and responsibility can turbocharge your career path
  • Why doing the right thing is a competitive advantage
  • Why the language you use is EXTREMELY important
  • How to attract (and develop) the most talented people in your industry
  • Why mistakes are valuable
  • How to inspire through teaching, coaching, and mentoring (not training)

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