February 6, 2019

Culture, Community and a Great Cup of Coffee, with Nick Bayer

Episode 28: Culture, Community and a Great Cup of Coffee, with Nick Bayer

Nick Bayer is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at Cornell University and faculty member at Drexel University, where he teaches a course in entrepreneurial franchising. He serves on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania and has been a Big Brother for seven years.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Nick’s upbringing and lessons learned from his parents shaped his career path and outlook
  • Why Saxbys mission statement is “make life better”, and why their core values are critical for their success
  • Why Saxbys employees are an even more important component for their success than the great coffee they sell
  • Why Saxbys hires people living in homeless shelters, and what impact that makes on Saxbys and on the community at large
  • How building and growing Saxbys was a challenge for Nick, and how he found the tenacity to keep pushing
  • How an early legal challenge caused Saxbys to go into reorganization just to be able to survive, and what lessons Nick learned from the process
  • Why faith in his franchisees allowed Nick to survive reorganization and helped his business emerge far stronger for it
  • How Nick’s leadership style came to be, and why Saxbys impact on the world and its employees is a core component
  • Why Nick brings young people into high leadership positions, and what qualities he looks for in a leader
  • How Saxbys evolution has impacted Nick in his own personal growth, as well as how he interacts with those around him

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