September 13, 2023

Partners in Leadership: Doing The Right Thing Together with Matt and Suzanne Monahan

Episode 180:

Matt and Suzanne Monahan have an incredible partnership. They are a remarkable couple, parents to two wonderful children, and forefront leaders in challenging industries such as pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting. 

Suzanne is a former collegiate athlete and two-time cancer survivor. She is passionate about the power of mindset, teamwork, and performance. Currently, she holds a commercial leadership position at Shionogi Inc., a biopharmaceutical company that leverages a science-based heritage to develop and commercialize pharmaceutical products to treat unmet medical needs. 

She dedicates her time at Shionogi to building and leading the sales team for the US. Suzanne is committed to “raising up” cohesive and resilient teams both at work and on the field. 

She believes in family first and enjoys giving back, serving as a girl’s lacrosse coach, an advocate for patient-focused cancer care, and a mentor to future leaders. 

Matt joined Genesys Health as Chief Strategy Officer in 2020 after leading the way as the National Practice Leader of an Insurtech benefits consulting firm where he was responsible for sales, service, and insurance operations for over 500 employers across the United States. 

To know Matt is to be in the presence of an infectious energy. Matt sees the world differently; where others see a dead end, he sees an opportunity to connect, perfect, and solve. Matt isn’t afraid to ask hard questions and challenge the norm, taking pride in disrupting systems before building them back stronger and more successful.

Prior to that, he spent 15+ years at Aetna and GE, where he held multiple senior leadership roles at Aetna. Matt worked closely to bring innovative solutions to the market.

In a consulting business where service and support are incredibly subjective, regardless of the situation any action he takes is making sure it is the right thing for that person on the other end.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Strategies for balancing thriving careers while nurturing a thriving partnership, all while staying true to your values
  • How to  turn challenges into opportunities and maintain a positive mindset, even in the face of adversity
  • The crucial role of communication in balancing individual careers, partnerships and relationship-building
  • Strategies for compartmentalizing and focusing on controllable factors
  • The importance of continually reassessing choices for personal and professional growth
  • Why leaders should focus on the well-being of the people they serve and lead
  • How to address conflict including giving space for perspective and resolution.
  • The value of caring for others, solving problems, and maintaining a positive mental state

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