July 26, 2023

The Champion Teammate: Cultivating Growth and Collaboration in Leadership with John O’Sullivan and Jerry Lynch

Episode 176:

John O’ Sullivan

John O’Sullivan is an internationally known TEDx Speaker and the founder of Changing the Game Project, which he started in 2012.

He is the author of two #1 Bestselling books Changing the Game and Every Moment Matters. He is also a leading youth sports blogger and the host of the Way of Champions Podcast, one of the top-rated podcasts in the world for coaches.

Former collegiate and professional soccer player, and has coached for over 20 years on the youth, high school, and college levels. He has consulted with US Olympic Committee, US Soccer, USA Football, US Lacrosse, USA Swimming, Ireland Rugby, Aussie Rules Football, and many more.

John is on the National Advisory Board for the Positive Coaching Alliance and the National Association for Physical Literacy.


Jerry Lynch

Dr. Jerry Lynch first learned about extraordinary performance and excellence as a nationally ranked competitive athlete sponsored by Nike, running world-class times from 5,000 meters to the marathon, setting an American record in the half-marathon, winning a National Championship, and many other races against athletes half his age.

He took what he learned about himself and life from his competitive days and parlayed it into a dynamic successful career helping athletes and coaches in all sports to use his performance and leadership strategies to up their game and discover the best version of themselves.

Dr. Lynch has been recognized as one of the top five in his profession nationwide. He has worked with teams, coaches, and athletes in the NBA, Pro Lacrosse, Major League Soccer, with men’s and women’s basketball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, golf, and other sports at the universities of North Carolina, Duke, Maryland, California, Syracuse, Stanford, Harvard, and Middlebury.

Dr. Lynch is the author of 15 books in over 10 languages and the founder and director of WAY OF CHAMPIONS, a human potential and performance consulting group helping others master the deeper inner game for sports, business, and life. Jerry is a dynamic, entertaining, inspirational, provocative, and humorous teacher and speaker with topics on leadership, coaching, team culture building, winning the relationship game, and core value development.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • An insightful sneak peek into their new book: The Champion Teanmate and the story behind it
  • The power of stories and their long-lasting impact on people’s lives as they can teach valuable lessons
  • What the difference is between becoming a  champion vs being a champion in your everyday life
  • Why success does not always equate to winning championships, but rather, it can be measured by personal growth and learning
  • Why the concept of competition should focus on seeking improvement together rather than defeating others
  • The impact of teammates realizing and embracing their individual ways of connecting, competing, and leading
  • The concept of being an elevator by creating an environment that feels safe, elevated, and conducive to teamwork

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