September 22, 2021

True Grit with Dr. John Byrne

Episode 131:

Dr. John Byrne has been delivering high quality, engaging speeches to audiences for more than 15 years across the globe on principles essential to achieving professional and personal success. 

In addition, John has been a Business Professor for 30 years at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA. He currently teaches courses in Marketing & Sales and previously served as the Dean of the College of Business. Dr. Byrne’s credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Notre Dame, an MBA in Marketing from Loyola University, and a doctoral degree in Education from the University of Iowa. 

John has experienced tremendous success in his life professionally, academically, and personally. Known as a person who possesses the drive to set and achieve daunting goals, he inspires others to improve their performance and effectiveness. John has worked with hundreds of organizations, including prestigious icons such as the United States Army, Deere & Company, and Caterpillar, Inc. on the important topics of leadership, goal setting, decision-making, and team building. 

John’s dedication and success have carried over into his personal life as an extreme athlete, successfully conquering the Leadville Trail 100-Mile Run in Colorado, the Wisconsin Ironman Triathlon, and summiting Mt. Rainier in Washington. John has raised more than $40,000 for charities through his athletic endeavors and speeches. Heroic acts like these make John a sought after motivational speaker and genuine inspiration to all. 

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What were the three thing of importance that John leaned during the struggles of his most recent Leadville 100
  • How John came to realize that the satisfaction of perseverance was the true gift of the Leadville 100 and not his finishing time
  • How John has programmed himself to never quit with failure never being an option
  • Why it meant so much for John to raise over $7,000 for the charity Autism Speaks through his Leadville 100 race
  • Why is so significant and such a gift to know what your purpose in life is
  • What it takes for normal people to do extraordinary things

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  1. Rick Fountain says:

    Great job! Ed Molitor and John Byrne two amazing gentleman I’m blessed to know personally. Incredible stories that relate to our everyday lives. Truly inspiring!

    1. Ed Molitor says:

      Thanks, Rick! I appreciate the kind words, but it is me who is truly blessed to know you and John….two absolute warriors and two of the kindest souls I know!

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